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Kate says: This blog has been set up to facilitate family arguments (ahem) discussions between me and my father.

He’s a Anglican vicar (Episcopalian minister if you’re from the US).  I’m his eldest daughter, and have been an atheist for ten years.

From time to time I go to religious services where Dad gets to preach, and I get to sit and listen.  For someone as naturally argumentative as me, this can be frustrating.  The idea with this blog is that that it gives us a more equal platform, and more of a right of reply.

The intention is that we should both post our thoughts on atheism, religion and related matters, and edify ourselves and maybe other people.

Paul adds “I’d like to think that it requires slightly more than four words to describe me fully – yes I am an Anglican vicar, but I am also a mathematician, a cyclist, a grandfather, an ornithologist, a sudoku fan, a sibling, and a lousy cook. So I trust that many of the contributions I make are informed by those aspects of my life, not just the work-based parts”


Comment policy:

Reasonable and courteous comments are strongly encouraged.

We don’t want to see racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist etc. comments, or other abusive behaviour, but as long as you remain polite and argue your point coherently you will be welcome.

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